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Chapter 5: Nightmares
Darkness encapsulated the night, smothering the air and frightening the sounds of the Hinterlands into complete silence. There was only stillness it seemed, but something had woken her. Some sound or movement had broken her restless repose and she lay there now, waiting for whatever had come in to their camp to again make signs of its presence.
In her peripheral she saw it, a black shape skirted the camp.
Turning her head slowly, Eleia watched it pass by the bed rolls where her companions should be sleeping. But there was no one.
The figure moved swiftly and gracefully, as though it glided, skirting on a wind she couldn’t even feel, that air rippling the black cloak the intruder had shrouded themselves in. It seemed almost ethereal, it’s outline hazy.
Where was everyone? She asked herself. Were they safe?
As though hearing her thoughts, the figure stopped, and turned to her direction.
Eleia’s heart began to beat faster, sure to give her away, as its thumping hammered
:iconfreyfie:Freyfie 0 2
Levellan and Solas by Freyfie Levellan and Solas :iconfreyfie:Freyfie 2 5
Chapter 4: Telling Tales
The Hinterlands were a part of Letsca that sat nestled between the major cities and ports that helped sustain the land. It was green, it was fertile, and it was in most part, empty, wild and as unwavering as the noble lords that presided over it.  
Patches of the Hinterlands were often gifted out as royal favours to the families that threw their support, and thus their money, in with whichever cause the capitol deemed the most pressing. It invariably made the new owners wealthy and powerful. None more so than the Caylor family.
Their fortune outstripped even the Royal family through their copious land holdings and monopoly of several precious commodities. In general, if one wanted to pass through the Hinterlands, they would invariably end up passing through Caylor land.
It was lonely though, and Eleia and her troupe were unlikely to be discovered whilst out in the plains. There were small towns scattered around, mainly communes of farmhands, or public landholdings that had started
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New Zealand
Frey, Peanut, Lynd, whatever you wanna call me~

I drink several cans of Dr. Pepper a day.

I like games (currently play - Dragon Age: Inquisition, WoW... I still play some League of Legends but not much - I watch it religiously though ), I love to write and I get lost in books.

Often times I go hard on any of the above and thus my gallery was born.

The laze is real.

If you ever wanna use my sigs or my colouring as stock then go hard; no permission required.

My Icon is by btw and she's amazing, affordable and uber talented. If she does commissions, make sure you snap one up.


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